Thursday, July 15, 2010

EASECOX Brand - Amylinear

EASECOX has cooperated with industrial leaders from high-tech countries including Japan, Switzerland, France, the US and Israel in the development of a series of products that improve body shape and skin to meet everyone’s demand for all aspects of health and beauty.
EASECOX’s three product lines:
Body Health AMYLINEAR|Skin Care Marvel / Ease Slim|Essential Oils Purence
“The founder, Ms. Ya-Chu Lin, was also known as AMY LIN, and the series was named in memorial to her. The term “LINEAR” was adopted for its meaning of spreading with the implication of spreading Amy’s annotation about beauty to more people in the world.There are three series: DIAMANT gemstone underwear, PLATINO gemstone underwear for men and the Superconductive Ion Health products.
The DIAMANT Gemstone Underwear Series
This series of products made of gemstone fiber is called DIAMANT, the French word for DIAMOND. These products are designed to make women shine like diamonds and this has been a popular classic series for the past 20 years. 
Our Products
PLATINO Gemstone Underwear Series for Men
This series of products made of gemstone fiber is called PLATINA, the Italian word for PLATINUM. These products are designed to give men platinum grade health. Our Products
Superconductive Ion Health Series
The fourth generation of the Superconductive Ion Health Series has been developed using the recently introduced superconductive Cu/Ag-ion fiber, an exclusive material in the weaving industry.
This new Cu/Ag-ion fiber generates micro voltages in contact with the human body. These electrical currents stimulate and improve the health and protect body joints. 
Our Products

ncorporating precious natural mineral elements from the Arabian Sea, these products minimize chemical additives and emphasize natural skin care. Marvel in the Greek language means flawless beauty. Our Products

The Purence 100% Series is imported from Germany where it is produced by high-tech extraction methods used on carefully selected material from established origins. This series currently comprises essential oil and make-up remover. Introduction of Essential Oil

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